Examples of Our Projects

  • iran
  • vitreous enamel steel cladding of roof
  • vitreous enamel coated steel
  • roof cladding with vitreous enamel coated steel panels
  • vitreous enamel steel roofing
  • vitreous enamel coated steel panels

Eram Shopping Mall - Teheran, Iran

Important project in Teheran concerning the roof cladding of a large shopping mall making use of vitreous enamel coated steel panels (cladding of the dome as visible in the 3D rendering and photos above). Engineering, executive design of panels, supply of supporting substructure by metal carpentry and insulating materials on the construction site, installation of the whole system.

  • gatteo rubicone tollgate
  • gatteo rubicone motorway tollgate cladding
  • gatteo rubicone highway tollgate

Cladding of Gatteo-Rubicone tollgate offices (Forlì-Cesena, Italy)

Cladding with blue vitreous enamel coated steel panels. More our projects aesthetically similar to this one can be visited at tollgates of Marina di Montemarciano (Ancona) and Senigallia (Ancona), Italy.

  • montemarciano tollgate
  • vitreous enamel coated steel cladding tollgate montemarciano
  • montemarciano motorway tollgate cladding

Marina di Montemarciano highway tollgate, cladding for offices (Ancona, Italy)

Cladding of facade with vitreous enamel coated steel panels blue colored.

  • operating theatres
  • cladding health
  • painted stainless steel

Hospital of Chiavenna (Sondrio, Italy)

Cladding of operating theatres with orange painted stainless steel panels, perfectly integrated with stainless steel furnishing.

  • malpensa airport
  • paneling of facade
  • covering panels

Milano Malpensa Airport (Milan, Italy)

Facade cladding making use of silver-grey colored vitreous enamel coated steel panels.