Tanks and Silos of Glass coated Steel and Stainless Steel

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Among the products provided by Tecnosmalto Group, service of steel tanks and silos supply is included. Concerning this field, our offer distinguishes into the following types of product:

  • fusion bonded epoxy coated steel tanks
  • glass coated steel tanks
  • AISI 304/316 stainless steel tanks
  • galvanized steel tanks with internal liner

The service provided by our Company can greet a wide range of possible needs of the client. Starting from design specifications, our technical staff will care to assist the client along the whole business: technical discussion, processing of data and drawings, manufacturing of the steel panels according to the process best fitting the specifications, installation and after-sales service.

In addition to the containing structure, our service obviously provides for definition and supplying of all ancillary elements required by the system, i.e.:

  • roofs
  • flanged connections
  • access ladders
  • walkways, rest platforms
  • inspection glasses
  • wind stiffeners
  • thermal insulation with mineral wool panels and substaining cladding

Why choose steel tanks?

  • steel tanks panels
  • epoxy steel tanks
  • vitreous enamel steel tanks

As it already happened in some Nations such as Germany, France and United Kingdom, many Countries are now developing an interest towards bolted steel tanks in place of concrete. Some benefits brought by the employment of tanks made up of bolted coated steel panels are further illustrated.

  • Adaptability: the structure can be raised, enlarged, replaced or dismantled at any time.
  • Height can be optimally exploited: steel tanks become particularly competitive in that places in which limited diameters are required, exploiting heights.
  • Easy installation: a steel tank can be assembled typically within 4 weeks by only 3 workers; further, it is not subject to the same bureaucracy as concrete tanks.
  • Suitable chemical properties: the surface of panels coating, mainly made up of inert oxides, does not show tendency to oxidation, giving the product a high resistance to corrosion; besides, taking root of bacteria is inhibited, as a guarantee of hygienic storages.
  • Excellent waterproofing thanks to high thermoplastic tenor mastics.
  • Very long preservation of aesthetic properties (shade, colour, brightness), thanks to high resistance to weather and ultraviolet rays.
  • Good thermal resistance in a wide range of temperatures.

Steel tanks in biogas plants

Particular and growing interest is devoted to steel tanks in anaerobic digestion systems, employed in those plants generating thermoelectric energy from biogas.

Steel tanks as anaerobic digesters can become particularly competitive as an alternative to concrete when, for example, the client wants to realize a system having limited diameter and considerable height; in some configurations, this could moreover permit to install a single central mixer avoiding side mixers.

On the specifications, we are able to provide hydrolysis tanks and anaerobic digesters either with roofing or opened (in this case it will be possible to put a membrane gasometer as the covering). In our offer it is certainly possible to include flanges, ladders, platforms, walkways, hatches and valves.