Serigraphy on Vitreous-Enamel coated Steel Sheets

Among the services provided by Tecnosmalto Group, there is the suppy of silk-screen prints on vitreous-enamel coated steel sheets.

  • silk-screen printed vitreous enamel coated steel plate
  • serigraphy on vitreous enamel coated steel panel
  • phosphorescent vitreous enamel coated steel sign plate

Serigraphs reproduced on vitreous-enamel coated steel plates and panels usually get decorative, informative, educative and architectonic functions. Thanks to this opportunity, it becomes possible for the client to realize:

Informative or descriptive plates. Combined with monuments, places owning historical or religious relevance, archaeological sites, but also to be placed at the entrance or inside hotels. Plates can contain drawings, for example representing topography of the building which public is going to enter, and descriptive texts with any formatting. The commodities can be framed or put in exhibit totems, or else, on request, we can design them for a stand-alone solution, combined with an appropriate mounting system.

Decorative panels. It is possible to clad facades and columns in internal public environments (for example underground and railway stations) making use of vitreous-enamel coated steel panels decorated by serigraphy. Decoration can consist of drawings or photographs provided by the client, or textures reproducing marble, granite, stones, bricks etc. There is moreover the possibility of realizing custom signs containing a logo or writings, to put outside of shops.

Signs. Enamelled sheets find interesting employments in the public signs field, both external (road or street names, house numbers, maps, trips indications etc.) and internal (danger signs, emergency exits, no access signs etc.).

Serigraphy is a pictures and graphics printing technique on a fixed support. Vitreous-enamel coated steel represents a support exceptionally good for serigraphy, because:

  • It withstands chemical aggressives. Enamelled surface is immune from attacks by chemical agents such as organic solvents, saline solutions, bases, paints, detergents, oils, greases and most of acids. Hence, a surface protected by vitreous enamel will not be vulnerable to oxidation (which means that it will not rust) and to corrosion (and this means that any image reproduced on vitreous enamel coated steel is indelible).
  • It withstands atmospheric and photochemical agents. Acid rains, polluting substances contained in the air, marine atmosphere, ultraviolet rays etc. do not damage the enamelled surface. This means that aesthetic properties, expressed in terms of shade, colouring and brightness, remain unchanged along time.
  • It withstands high temperatures and thermal shocks. The wide range within which vitreous-enamel coated steel does not vary its properties (from -50°C to +450°C), makes this product suitable for many applications. Hence, for example, it can be used to realize radiant panels, with the guarantee that no yellowing or deformations will occurr at working temperatures.
  • It is incombustible. Reaction to fire of vitreous-enamel coated steel is classified in class 0. Hence it will never happen that, in case of fire in an environment containing vitreous-enamel coated steel commodities, toxic and harmfull gas emissions occur. But vitreous enamelled surfaces do offer another benefit: they cannot be damaged by direct flame.
  • It withstands criminal damages. Enamelled surface withstands scratches and abrasion. The test of a key crept along an enamelled surface in the attempt to scratch it, always kindles some admiration in the client while seeing the surface still undamaged. This implies that criminal damages performed with screwdrivers or keys do not represent a problem for vitreous-enamel coated steel, so that images and texts reproduced on it cannot be ruined nor erased, differently from what it happens on aluminium and plastic. And not only: even markers, sprays or self-sticking papers do not affect the enamelled surface. Graffiti can be easily removed making use of solvents or detergents, avoiding remains of halos or dirty tracks. Cities such as Madrid, London, Dubai, New York have been using vitreous enamel for years as an effective solution against graffiti and vandalism.
silk screen printed panels serigraphs on vitreous enamel coated steel serigraphs on vitreous enamel coated steel plates